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lunedì 26 dicembre 2011

  A   Great   Love

First of all I wuold like to introduce Giacomo, the organizer of each journey, the one that increased my passion for everything you'll find in this blog and my life partner!

The first trip I propose is a constant step of july (as it's during this time that the lavander reaches the best and around the second or third weekend is picked).
We are in the south of France, Cote d'Azure and Provence, more precisely in the department of Vaucluse.
Enchanted place where you will be overwhelmed by nature, increduble colours and intense mediterrenean flavours.
Here you can admire the infinite blankets of lavander and sunflowers. A view that will suddenly surprise you during your car trip. The first time is something unforgettable.

We usually stay in Gordes, an ancient village perched on an hill and considered one of the most beautiful in France.
The hotel where we spend the night is called "Hostellerie Le Phébus", ex farmhouse not far from the village centre and 10 km from the forest of Saint-Lambert and Venasque.

Nearby you have to visit Roussillon which  is noted for its large ochre deposits found in the clay surrounding it. Ochres are pigments ranging from yellow and orange to red. One of the former ochre quarries can be visited via the 'Sentier des Ocres' (Ochre Path), a walk of either 30 or 60 minutes through the old workings.

Another must-stop is the Abbey Sénaque, built in the XII century and still inhabited by monks, is located in the middle of a vast lilac field!
The tour ends in Valensole when on Sunday there is the lavander festival. This step is strongly not recommended as it is too popular and therefore touristy.

Unfortunately this year we changed our journey due to the terrible floods of last year has deeply damaged the landscape.
So we stayed in Cote d'Azure in the beautiful Relais called "Le Mas Candille". From here, after one hour and half drive, we reached the Canyon du Verdon. This is the perfect place to spend one or more days into the wilde.
Suitable for those who want to scale the imposing walls of rock, try jumping from high bridges or rafting...but also for those, like me,who believe that swim in the warm green water flowing through spectacular gorges of rock is already something unique!

Sénaque Abbey

giovedì 22 dicembre 2011

Sous le ciel de Paris

Last april, as I told you, we spent two days in Paris at Dokhan's hotel, one of the best hotel ever seen!
Romantic and charming just we love and look for!
Hope you appreciate it and maybe take this suggestion for a romantic weekend! 

Le Dockhan's entrance
Hotel le Dokhan's
our suite-Eiffel

from the window-ysl ring, rayban glesses
dress Claudie Pierlot
amazing view from "suite Eiffel"
le macaron by Kenzo

mercoledì 21 dicembre 2011

Thanks to Mimii the lab!

This is one of the work of Milène, my fav parisienne! 

martedì 20 dicembre 2011

 Chablis long the way

Last april we planned to spend few days in Paris, for the millionth time and always and rigorously by car!
French landscapes are amazing so we prefer driving seven hours instead of one our plane.
Along the way we spent the night at Relais et Chateaux - George Blanc Parc&Spa, at Vonnas, where we tasted a delicious breakfast cooked by chefs three stars Michelin. 
The next day we left, direction Chablis, just to lunch time! During this kind of holiday we eat all the time!

long the way...
salmon, eggs and asparagus+a blotte of chablis!

lunedì 19 dicembre 2011

 Christmas mood, mountains and snow...

We're just back from a charming and romantic weekend in Courmayeur where we found an amazing landscape; metres of snow, covered roads, few cars and enchanted silence!
Unfortunately it was no possible skying  as there was an extremely high risk of snowslide, so we used the occasion to make last gifts.
In the evening we enjoyed our aperitif in the usual bar, le Dahu, located on the main street.
Bad running but the place is so cute and vodkatini so delicious that we're not sure to change place!
At dinner we booked at Auberge de la Maison, in my opinion the best, in view of the absence of restaurants where really worth going.
Light valdostan cuisine that lets you go to sleep without a basin of water by the bed.
Perfect atmosphere animated by a beautiful Christmas album which made me happy considering my passion for Christmas songs!
Last stop to drink a digestive before going home at Cafe de la Poste. Really famous but personally it don't like it so much.

moncler down jacket, h&m dress, hunter rubber boots

h&m dress, hermes foulard


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