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lunedì 27 febbraio 2012

   Chateaux et foie gras

This week I want to show you the third and final part of the gastronomic tour that we did in France last summer, so I decided to join the first 2 posts to refresh your memory! 

Last July we decided to leave for a gourmet tour in the South-West area of France which took us from Lyon to Biarritz.
Ten unforgettable days among castles and enchanting landscapes!
In our first stage of the Perigord Noir we stayed at Chateau de la Treyne (Relais et Chateaux), a wonderful Castle situated on rolling hills and overlooking the river, surrounded by an old but well-kept garden decorated with fountains, hedges and trees.
The first night we dined on the terrace of the hotel where is located a michelin starred restaurant where we kicked off the tasting of typical dishes ... and given that this is the birthplace of foie gras we had to start with our tastings!
The nearest town is Sarlat-le-canéda which is about 20 km characterized by narrow streets, Medieval Gothic and Renaissance palaces.
Sarlat is also an important film set and for this reason invaded by tourists at any time of day and night.   

the garden
the room
the bar
the Restaurant - chef Stéphane Andrieux one star Michelin
the pool
fields surround the hotel
the garden
the garden
Sarlat-la-Canéda ( valleé du Dordogne)


Last week we had dinner at Eataly in Genoa.  As many know,  Eataly is the largest gastronomic Center in the world devoted to the foods and beverages of the highest quality.
The philosophy adopted is twofold: on the one hand there is the offer of products, both in the form of distribution and in the form of dining opportunities, while on the other one there is a speech set on teaching and articulated in cooking classes, tastings, courses on the correct food preservation, education for children. 
Eataly in Italy, Japan and the United States.     

Fruits and jams

mercoledì 22 febbraio 2012

Val Ferret

 I have already shown this place last week but since my super nikon is back (after breaking the lens) I decided to take it with me in this wonderful journey! 



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