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lunedì 28 novembre 2011

Sunday brunch...

is the section that will warm the post less visited in previous weeks! Don't worry that we will see each other again on Monday with dishes...posts always fresh!

Romantica Venezia + BIENNALE

Paul Smith coat,shoes;Marni glasses;Balenciaga giant work, Acne jeans
Paul Smith coat, shoes and glasses
Zara dress, Marni glasses, Manolo Blahnik shoes

We're just back from Venice where we spent a wonderful and romantic weekend.
We decided to leave at the last minute but fortunately after few hours drive we arrived in Piazzale Roma, a shortwalk from the taxi that would take us to the hotel.
We wanted to stay in our favourite hotel called Ca' Maria Adele, but it was full, so we opted for the famous Bauer which puts you directly in another time and in a surreal atmosphere.

Luck was on our fact the receptionist gave us a room much better than booked, with a beautiful window overlooking  Santa Maria della Salute!
After a walk through the old streets we allow two aperitifs: the first in a classic bar called "Florian"(from 1720) where we sipped a delicious vodkatini sitting on the porch of Piazza San Marco, the second one at the Oriental Bar (Metropole hotel) a charming place damaged from foreign children eating spaghetti with tomato sauce ( Parents, you can't do this!!!!)

The dinner was very good this time, in fact we found a really nice place which delighted us: "La Caravella", dark, romantic and noisy (i hate the restaurants where you hear forks noise).
Until the end we hoped for a call from the Met ( the best restaurant in Venice) where we were on the waiting list...

After dinner we returned to our hotel where we drunk a whisky (to digest the venetian cuisine!) and then to bed, tired and happy...

The next day we had a substantial breakfast, delicious salmon, eggs and mushrooms, in the beautiful hall on the 7th floor which offers a breathtaking view... and then we run to Biennale which really positively impressed us!


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