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lunedì 19 dicembre 2011

 Christmas mood, mountains and snow...

We're just back from a charming and romantic weekend in Courmayeur where we found an amazing landscape; metres of snow, covered roads, few cars and enchanted silence!
Unfortunately it was no possible skying  as there was an extremely high risk of snowslide, so we used the occasion to make last gifts.
In the evening we enjoyed our aperitif in the usual bar, le Dahu, located on the main street.
Bad running but the place is so cute and vodkatini so delicious that we're not sure to change place!
At dinner we booked at Auberge de la Maison, in my opinion the best, in view of the absence of restaurants where really worth going.
Light valdostan cuisine that lets you go to sleep without a basin of water by the bed.
Perfect atmosphere animated by a beautiful Christmas album which made me happy considering my passion for Christmas songs!
Last stop to drink a digestive before going home at Cafe de la Poste. Really famous but personally it don't like it so much.

moncler down jacket, h&m dress, hunter rubber boots

h&m dress, hermes foulard

30 commenti:

  1. Babe ! Your pics are superb ! The atmosphere really makes Christmas Spirit, i'm so jealous !!! And your sweaters are just perfect ! This snow makes me dream and it's beautiful with red fruits. All is perfect and I want to drink vodkatini with you ! Haha ;)

  2. thank you Babe!!!!
    i'm glad you like my photos! after some days in india i needed cold, lights and christmas!
    Hope to drink a vodkatini together soon! ;)

  3. sembra che hai passato un bellissimo weekend! pieno di sorprese anche !

  4. Ciao Chiara! Mi sono goduta davvero tanto questo weekend perchè avevo un grandissimo bisogno di clima natalizio visto che sono da poco tornata dall'india! Perciò in due giorni ne ho fatto una scorpacciata!

  5. Love this post! This looks like an absolute winter wonderland, and I'm loving all the pics. That Hermes scarf is beautiful!

    Alexandra xo

  6. lovely photos of the holidays! looks like you are having a good time :)

    love, jamie

  7. the snow-topped houses/buildings/trees are so pretty! loved the photos!

    Enter the Christmas Giveaway!

  8. thank you babe! hope you'll love my next pics too!
    Follow me! <3

  9. Bellissime foto e incredibile paesaggio!! Complimenti! :)

  10. Hi dear, you've taken such amazing photographs. I can almost imagine what the holiday season much be like over there.

  11. I love these gorgeous photos - so Christmassy and Love Actually is one of my favourite films!!

  12. wow, wow, wow! this look beyond beautiful! //dariadaria

  13. lovely post.
    lots of wonderful photos here. and oh how about that wooden table. it's brilliant. would love to have that in my apartment

  14. Lovely pictures!

    Kisses Anne

  15. wow this is just a christmas town! its so cuuuuute!

  16. thank you for your lovely comments!

    @ediot: the wooden table is amazing, i know, but it was near the entrance of the restaurant :(
    @zoe: yes, it is!!! <3

  17. thank you! i'm glad you like it!

  18. I Love this kind of post !
    And I loooove snow <3

  19. Thanks for commenting and stopping by on my blog, I like this post very much, nice photos and oh..that Balenciaga bag - dream above all dreams :))

  20. Your blog is so cool! come to visit mine!

  21. It's so beautiful with all of the's like a fairy tale! I wish we had more snow here...

  22. Lovely pictures! Looks like a good time.

  23. wowww lovely photos!!



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