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lunedì 13 agosto 2012

Il tour francese continua

Siamo in giro per la Francia ormai da parecchi giorni e il viaggio sta per un altro sta per cominciare!
Vi posto solo alcune foto prima di arrivare a casa e selezionare le centinaia scattate in questi magnifici posti.
Tenetevi pronti a percorrere le strade della Normandia, della Bretagna e della Loira!
A presto!

We are around France for several days and the journey is about to end ... but another is about to begin! 
I want to post some photos before get home and select the hundreds taken in these magnificent places. 
Get ready to walk the streets of Normandy, Brittany and Loire! 
See you soon!

                Me in Brittany
Giacomo in Paris

5 commenti:

  1. I loved reading this so much! It's so cool to see the translation!

  2. Nice photos :) Love the first one. And as always nice music :)

  3. Fabulous! *.*

  4. I can see you like my country too!!! I am crazy of Paris, I hope you enjoy it too! Those are beautiful photos...:)
    Anaïs xx


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