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martedì 6 dicembre 2011

 First day in Dubai

Here you are the first day pics...than i'll explain you all the details about hotels and restaurants!

room with view at "Jumeirah Medinat Al Qsar Resort"

beach at Al Qsar Resort

Al Qsar hotel main entrance
Dubai Marina
View of Burj al Arab from Pierchic restaurant
the new t-shirt!!
Zara jacket,top; j brand jeans; miumiu shoes; gucci clutch
Dubai Marina promenade
drinking my vodkatini

5 commenti:

  1. Babe ! I love your tee-shirt !!! You're the best !
    Your pics are amazing, as usual ;) I love the big chess and your perfect body on the beach.
    Dubaï seems to be very crazy, no ? (architecturally)

  2. love the t-shirt too!! ;)
    thank you for all the compliments especially for "perfect body" (ahhahaha you must be joking!)
    Dubai is totally crazy, is the no sense of everything...i don't like it but we have to come here several times for job. Now there's the dubai film festival and there's tom cruise here in our hotel! hope to see him!!! :D
    tomorrow we have a flight for new delhi and i'll post new pics!
    xxxxxx Selene

  3. Soooo amazing! btw lovin your customized t-shirt! ;)

    Hope you have an AMAZING time in India! can't wait to see your pics! :)

  4. Hi Steph!! tomorrow i'm going to visit agra and taj mahal as well...i know it will be an incredible experience! can't wait! <3

  5. Amazing photos!! I hope you had a great time in India!
    Yout t-shirt is great!!! And you look amazing in the swimsuit!


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