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martedì 11 settembre 2012

La Ferme Saint Simeon - Honfleur

Prima tappa dopo Parigi è stata Honfleur, una vivacissima cittadina situata sulla riva dell'estuario della Senna.
Caratterizzata da alte case scandinave e da stretti vicoli, risparmiati dai feroci bombardamenti della seconda guerra mondiale, Honfleur è stata il rifugio di molti pittori, tra cui Monet, che sono stati qui a dipingere e hanno soggiornato alla Ferme Saint Siméon, oggi elegante Relais et Chateaux.

First stage after Paris was Honfleur, a bright town on the banks of the estuary of the Seine.Characterized by high scandinavian houses and narrow alleys, spared by the ferocious bombing of the second world war, Honfleur was the refuge of many painters, including Monet, who were here to paint and stay at the Ferme Saint Siméon, today elegant Relais et Chateaux


16 commenti:

  1. What a beautiful place! It has so much character!

  2. beautiful pictures!

    Jenny /

  3. Beautiful place !!!
    I hope that you used the SPA :)

  4. Oh my gosh I actually got to read some of what you wrote in Italian! I am so excited!

  5. tu vas toujours dans des endroits merveilleux !! j'ai tres envie d'aller dans cet hôtel !!

  6. incantevole . luoghi e foto strepitose. voglio partire!

  7. Hi girl!

    So beautiful! wish to be there :) thank you for sharing those pictures.
    girls from VOGUELE ( jude law case :P )

  8. you tend to stay at some really amazing places. i'm a little envious of your traveling. you're very lucky.
    oh, and that rudimental song has been in my ears for weeks. ever since i heard it on a german radio station. i finally bought it on itunes. it is good!


  9. Woah, that place is stunning!

    1. Questo commento è stato eliminato dall'autore.

  10. Such a lovely place... I'm in love with it!!! I love this style of houses as well :)

  11. che bel posticino!

  12. wonderful pictures, following u! hope u do the same for me?

  13. I agree that Honfleur is a lovely town and I must remember this stylish hotel next time we visit Northern France.

  14. Beautiful photos and hotel in France. yes, i enjoyed my visit in Lake Como. italy is a beautiful country. I hope you will ckeck out my blog post today because i posted about a hotel in Lake Como. hank you for stopping by my blog and for your comment. Would you like to follow each other? I am following now on GFC. Have a good day!


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