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venerdì 2 marzo 2012

 Chateaux et foie gras ( part three )

The hotel

The arrival in St. Emilion is fulfillin to the eye and reassuring for the soul.  Stretches and stretches of vineyards and an unusual and charming village made of stones and narrow uphill ...
We stayed at the hotel Chateau Grand Barreil, a 19th century building, surrounded by a huge park. Rent the bikes we headed first to the country (you need to be trained enough because the path a few miles is all uphill) and, upon returning, we opted for an alternative route in the midst of vineyards!
Unfortunately, due to my precarious sense of direction, we lost and we ended up having to ride on soft ground!But it was worth it ... we enjoyed the sunset in a surreal silence and surrounded by the scent of the grape!
The next day we made shopping in one of the many wine cellars, that will make you taste the typical wines, suggest those more suited to your tastes and will tell you their story.

our room
our terrace
monolithic Church
S. Emilion

square view
le chat!

monolithic churc

bike ride...

so tired...
hotel view from the pool
the pool

tasting armagnac

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  1. a potesseli permette certi posti...

    1. dato che posso mi piace condividerli...

  2. It's incredible !! So Beautiful pictures and a splendid place !
    I love your look in the picture 4 !!! ( sorry for my english )

    1. thank you Anne for your support! i really appreciate it!!! have a nice weekend! i'll beb back with a great new post ( i'm sure you'll love it!)

  3. Foto stupende, posto magnifico!

  4. Ciao Selene, ti ho appena assegnato un Liebster blog award! Spero ti faccia piacere! :) find more on

  5. bellissime foto, mi piacerebbe invitarti a conoscere il mio blog
    e se ti va possiamo diventare "follower" Che ne pensi?
    buon fine settimana

  6. Beautiful! Your images are lovely.

  7. if you get paid to travel, then you arguably have the best job in the world!

  8. so beautiful! i'm so jealous, and great photos.

    xx from hong kong :)


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