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domenica 11 dicembre 2011

Enchanted  place

night view from Oberoi hotel

Hello! Our journey is going to come to the end and today i'll show you the pics of the Taj Mahal that enchanted me with its colours and majesty!
We spent 5 hours driving from Delhi to Agra (195 km) and it was a nightmear...people, dogs, camels, monkeys and cows all beside the main street make the trip difficult. However it was an extraordinary experience that i can't explain with a few words. You have to come!
Soon i'll dedicate a post to wonderful indian women and obviously to hotels where we of these is a real pearl of world hotellerie!
See you soon

taj mahal at 6.30 in the morning
at 6.30 am it become pink!
wonderful decorations in murble and stones for the flowers
eagles on the top...
the main entrance put the taj mahal inside a frame

28 commenti:

  1. bellissimi i tuoi reportage di viaggio! anche a me piace condividere foto di paesi che mi hanno lasciato qualcosa nel cuore!

    spero passerai da me, mi farebbe piacere!


  2. ciao V! sono molto contenta che ti piacciano i miei post! Mi sono appena iscritta al tuo blog così potremo condividere questa passione! Continua a seguirmi! A presto

  3. Looks like a nice place to spend the vacation. Hope we could also visit this place soon.:)

    Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!

  4. devo farti i complimenti per il tuo blog fantastico!!!le foto sono splendide,i luoghi meravigliosi!!!sono una tua follower ti seguo assolutamente!!!a presto!!

  5. Yes, it is a good place but not usual! If you follow my blog you could find some suggestions! ;)

  6. Ciao Sabrina!! Ma grazie di questo bellissimo e sincero complimento! E' arrivato proprio oggi che iniziavo un pò ad essere giù di morale per il poco successo di questa settimana!
    Spero che in questo blog tu possa trovare qualche idea interessante!

  7. thank you Beauty follower!!! followe me!

  8. AMAZING as always! can't wait until I visit sooon I also want to visit Sri Lanka!


  9. Beautiful pics!!!i'm following you!!!if you like mine, do the same!!

  10. Che post magnifico! le fotografie che hai postato sono strepitose!!!
    Dai un'occhiata al mio blog e se ti piace potremmo seguirci a vicenda!
    : Cosa mi metto???

  11. Your pics are amazing babe ! I really love the last one with beautiful colors and the pic of you who catch the top ;)
    you're lucky to travel so much and it's a pleasure to follow you in yours aventures through your blog !! xx

  12. @ Steph: this is not Sri Lanka, this is India, exactly north west! :)

    @Vale: thank you for being my follower...hope you'll enjoy it! :) ...and very nice blog!

    @Fabrizia: grazie Fabrizia per i tuoi complimenti! molto carino anche il tuo blog di moda! abbiamo molte cose simili!! :) sarò una tua follower!

  13. @Mimii! miss u babe!!! thank you for everything...unfortunayely i've broken my professional nikon and now i'm feeling lost :(
    And it's not so easy to repair! damn it!!

  14. grazie per il commento sul mio blog! ho scoperto, così, il tuo!!! ricambio il follow con piacere! ;)

  15. Ciao Selene, thank you for your lovely comment.
    I love the night view photo!


  16. Ciao Julie, than you too!
    the night view of taj mahal was really mystic...

  17. I really like your blog, so I'm a new follower =)

  18. thank you Dina! it's a really pleasure to meet you!

  19. love the photos... that's a place i really really wanna go to one day!

  20. Thank you! I have to say, I really admire your photos as well. I must visit the Taj Mahal soon!

    found the route

  21. Nice pics!

  22. sure we can follow each other :) I started follow you, hope you will follow back!

  23. Love your photos! I'm going to India in February and am so excited!

    Will definitely be updating and taking plenty of photographs

  24. all the pictures are just so beautiful...

    aww..I wish I would have known you earlier, we could have surely met in Delhi...


  25. thank you babe!
    we usually come to delhi for job not for pleasure, so we're always busy, day and night! but this time we spent two days only for us in Agra!


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